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Access you Prepaid Visa and Mastercard card via to check your current card balance, register your prepaid card, and view your past purchases. Balance Check.

If your card has been declined or you have just received your new Prepaid Visa or Prepaid Mastercard, your first port of call should be a visit the official Prepaid Gift Balance website.

A check of your Prepaid Visa or Mastercard card balance can be done either online or through the customer service phone number.

Check your Balance Online.

To check your card balance online, go to in your web browser’s address bar.

Once the login page has finished loading, enter your Card Number, the 16-digit number on the front of your card, in the top field, where it says “Card Account Number”. Make sure that you enter your number without any spaces.

Then, click on “Enter”, and you should be logged in.

Check your Balance by Calling Customer Service.

You can also call the customer service number on 1-866-952-5653.

Wait to be promted to enter your card number, then enter it and follow the instructions.
Your login page will look like this screenshot.

Is Down?

To check your card balance or register your prepaid Visa or Mastercard card online you will need to visit the correct login page.

The login page be found here. You can also find the webpage by entering “” in the address bar of your internet browser and press ENTER.

However, many customers have experienced problems with opening/loading the website.

If you are unable to load the page, you should:

Check if is down for others than just you, by visiting, and entering in the check bar, to check the website from a USA based ip. If the result is “down”, then you know that it is not just from your computer.

Try checking the website at a later time, if the domain is experiencing downtime.

Alternatively, try opening the site using the Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.

Clear your browser cache and cookies.

Try opening the site with another device for example a mobile phone.

Try logging in from via a US IP proxy. The systematically blocks visitors from overseas locations, and even from Canada or the UK.

If you are still cannot get website to load, then call the toll free customer service phone number on the back of the card. Contacts.

If your prepaid Visa or Mastercard card is stolen, then contact US Bank via fax:

US Bank Fax Number: 1-414-341-7600, and send the fax to “Attn: Stolen Replacement Card Request”

You should also fax the gift card receipt from the store, as well as pictures of the front/back of the gift card, plus write the Cardholder’s name, mailing address, mobile phone number, email address and the 16-digit gift card number.

The official Customer Service phone number is: 1-866-952-5653.

If you are still experiencing problems, then please share your issues in the comment section below this page.
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