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Is Not Working?

Is Not Working? Help and FAQ.

A lot of gift card buyers have complained that the website is not working or is experiencing server “down” time.

You might get the error message “The connection has timed out. The server at is taking too long to respond”, if you visit the official login page here. You can also navigate to the website by entering “” in the URL address bar and pressing enter.

Now, one could easily suspect that is deliberately limiting access to their website, so that customers give up on activating their card and simply let it expire without using it.

However, is a legitimate website registered and owned by The Kroger Co, a Fortune 500 public company, so it is unlikely that the website is affiliated with any “scam”.

A WHOIS lookup reveals that the website was registered on 2016-01-25, expires on 2020-01-25, and was updated on 2019-01-25.

This is the Tech Contact on file:

The Kroger Co.
1014 VINE ST,
CINCINNATI, OH, 45202-1141, US

Checking the website with, also shows that the website was accessible and loadable recently.

If you are unable to load the Home page, you should:

Check that is down/unavailable just you, or for others as well.

Visit to check this and type in the check bar. If “DOWN” is the result, then you know that the website is down for all visitors.

If it is now working for you, try.

  • Visiting the website at a later, less busy time, if the website is “down”.
  • Open with the Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • Open the site with a mobile phone or another laptop.
  • Log in from with a USA IP proxy, as blocks visitors from any overseas locations, Canada or the UK.
  • Call the toll-free customer service phone number on the back of the card. if you still cannot access the website.

Is safe or a Scam?

Yes, though the website is experiencing a lot of “down” time, it is a legitimate website owned by The Kroger Co., a large grocery chain from the East USA.

It is used for managing gift cards issued by U.S Bank Corp.


    • Darla

      Not working for me either. From what I’ve been reading it sounds like we have been duped, scammed out of our money. Maybe should be reported.

  1. HRC666

    tried like 5-6 times today and this is day 3….got to update address and it says routine maint…every single time… the people behind this site aka Kroger are legit but whoever they hired to make the site, not so much… as it looks like a scam site on the service…i’ll donate my gift card to hiring a coder, designer who knows how not to blow cake jobs like this and piss off the guy with a 50 buck gift card that is now essentially worthless because it needs to be registered…hmmmmmmm ill try again day 4 tomorrow…if it works ill come back and berate my past self for this post…no anger… the light force is coming so really this dont even matter…just bored and wanted me some collodial silver

  2. Darla

    Seems like they grab the money real quick but refuse to pay out. Have been trying for quite a while to get my card registered and it seems, after going through all your recommendations, that this is not a possibility. Hmm, what is my next step going to be?

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