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Myaccountaccess Login @

Myaccountaccess Login and Card Activation.

Myaccountaccess login and account management (Cardmember Services login). Check your Elan Credit Card balance, register or activate your credit card, and view your Elan credit card purchases online.

What is

At the website you can manage Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards through the Elan Financial Services portal. Elan Financial Services provides processing and payments services, including credit card issuing, prepaid card issuing and ATM and debit card processing.

Elan Financial Services manage credit cards issued by Fidelity Credit Cards, Chase Credit Cards, Citi-Bank Credit Cards, and more than 1,700 other clients across the United States.

Myaccountaccess Registration.

How do I register my Visa or Mastercard on the website?

To register your Elan Visa or Mastercard online, navigate to or visit (the page will-redirect to the registration page).

You will then be asked to either log in to your account or enroll in Account Access, if this is your first time accessing the system.

If you click on “Sign Up for Account Access”, will go through the Enroll process, which needs the following information:

  • Credit Card Account Number – Please enter your Account Number.
  • Security Code – Enter the 3-digit Security Code found on the back of your card.
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number – Enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Zip Code – Please enter your billing address ZIP Code.
  • Personal ID – Create your own Personal ID.¬†¬†Personal Usernames must be 7 – 22 characters in length, without spaces.
  • Password – Create a password. Passwords are case sensitive andmust be 8 – 24 characters in length, include at least one uppercase character, and at least one numeric or other character.
  • Your Email Address. Credit Card Activation.

How do I activate Elan Credit Card on


Then, click on “Log in to Account Access”, and log in. (see above for account enrollment).

After logging in, select “Services,” then “Card Activation.”

Myaccountaccess Login.

How do I log in to my account?

Visit the login page.

Log in with your Personal ID Username and Password, which you created during the registration process (see above).

First enter your Personal ID (Username) and th Login field and click on “continue”.

Then, on the next page, enter your Password in the password field. You must enter your password on a separate screen than that of your Personal ID.

If you have setup “ID Shield” during registration, you may be required to answer up to 3 security questions before you are logged in.

myaccountaccess login
Make sure that you are on the official login page, befire you attempt to sign in. Then, enter your Username/Personal ID and click on “Continue”. If you have not registered an account yet, you will not be able to log in. Login Problems.

If you are having problems logging in to you Elan credit card account at, then follow the troubleshooting guide below:

  • If you are a new user, then please be aware that you MUST create and account profile before you can log in to the system. See Myaccountaccess Registration above for help on creating a profile/enrolling.
  • Check that your CAPS LOCK button is OFF on your keyboard as passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Try logging in with another internet browser or with another device, for example a mobiel phone.
  • passwords are case sensitive, and passwords must be 8 to 24 characters in length. A password must also include at least 1 alpha (letter) character, and at least 1 numeric or special character. Passwords must not include spaces, 3 of the same characters in a row, such as 111, your private email address or even the word “password”. So, when you set up your account for the first time, you might have chosen a password that is slightly different than your usual passwords.

If you still cannot login in or have questions about the Myaccountaccess login process, then call Cardmember Services technical hotline on 1-877-334-0460.


  1. marvellous

    Comerica Visa credit card is issued by Comerica Bank. It offers cardholders some decent benefits, which makes their transactions via the card, much more rewarding. Card can be used anywhere.

  2. Connie A.Spinelli

    This is terrible. After holding on line several times at 40 minutes and more and still can’t get through to someone to help me with my questions. I returned an item in July still haven’t seen a credit on either my July or August statement. What do I do when I can’t reach the company or an Elan rep. just holding on the line. Can someone please get in touch with me.

  3. Connie A. Spinelli

    Cannot reach anyone by phone, 40 plus minutes each time I call and just a recording. I need to check with someone that a return was made but I do not see anything about a credit on my last 2 statements Help.

  4. Anthony pesaturo

    I am very frustrated. Is someone drinking too much ? I have tried 6 times to access my account. What has happened to the website ?

  5. Anthony pesaturo

    This may help. After hitting search DO NOT press on any of the accounts that appear on you’re screen. Input You’re www etc. I did this and my account login appeared.

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